ranchero omelet recipe by texascook.com

Ranchero Omelet

1/2 cup new red potatoes cubed
1 T. margarine
1/4 lb. chorizo, browned and drained
1/2 cup shredded cheddar
1 red bellpepper, diced
3 eggs, beaten
1 green onion, sliced
1/2 cup shredded monterey jack

Cook potatoes and keep them warm. Brown sausage and drain well. In a
non-stick skillet, place margarine and cooked over medium heat for 1-2
minutes. Pour beaten egg over the potatoes. Cook, constantly lifting
edges with spatula to ensure even cooking throughout. Top with chorizo
green onion, bellpepper and cheese. Cover and cook until egg is set,

about 1-2 minutes. Serve with fresh fruit or biscuits

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