basics about texmex sauces


The following are the ingredients for several sauces
the severity of heat depends on you, the type
peppers selected and amounts. Experiment!!!


Contains diced tomatoes
green chiles, onions,salt,
vinegar, cilantro and garlic

Chunky or Fine

Picante Sauce

-Tomato juice
green chiles, jalapenos,

onion bellpepper, pimiento,
salt, vinegar lemon juice,
garlic, flour to thicken

Enchilada Sauce

-Oil, red chiles, flour to
thicken sugar, salt, cayenne,
paprika onion, cumin, garlic,
lemon juice, beet juice or
powder for color

Fajita Marinade

-Liquid smoke
tenderizer, lemon juice,

caramel (for color), garlic,
cumin cilantro, water and

Nacho Cheese Sauce

Cheddar cheese, cream
cheese blue cheese, milk,
small amount of flour,
jalapeno peppers, salt, sugar
and lemon juice

Taco Sauce

Tomatoes, onions garlic,
oregano, green chiles
cayenne pepper sauce,

salt and pepper.

Chop finely, add spices

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