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This is a project we started to show our appreciation
to the folks who take the time to write in.

I think the recipes and newsletter are great.  Even
though I don't submit recipes, I file every issue in
its own folder.  Keep up the great work.  Bob C

Found your site today from an article in
"Quick Cooking" magazine.  This is definitely
going on my favorites!! I've printed out a ton of
recipes.  Now the only problem is finding time to
try them all!! (also love the way the recipes
pop up in a new window, I HATE the way some
sites are, have to keep clicking back, back,
back to get to indexes!) -- Traci --

Eddie, as always, I wanted to let you know how
wonderful the products were that you sent to me
this past time.  We have eaten steaks marinated in
the Italian dressing, dressing made from the buttermilk
mix, and my husband has insisted on eating his
smoked Jack cheese on his hamburgers last night
and the Longhorn on his eggs this morning. 
Demanding man, don't you think?  He has
almost finished the jerky and I can't find beef
stick one. I can't afford him, I'm telling you.

Dear Eddie at TexasCook.com: 
Thank you so much for your fast and much

appreciated response to my request about
recipes of the week I had missed because
of my computer being down.  The recipes
were all I needed as my e-mail provider
had not deleted the newsletters.  I wish
more web sites responded with the same
courtesy and as quickly as you did.  It
would make surfing and using the web so
much more enjoyable.  I really enjoy your
newsletters, and the recipes.  One of these
y sounds good, and my whole family enjoys
Tex-Mex and Mexican foods.  Once again,
thank you!  -Sandy


Just wanted to let you know how much we enjoy your

newsletter.  We discovered it a few months ago, and
it's a favorite.  The recipes, quotes and personal
anecdotes make it a very pleasant read, and the
recipes are always great.  Keep up the wonderful
work!! Kim and Trent  (frozen in northern Illinois!)


To Texas cook,
    I enjoy your e-mail as much or more than anything

else I get. I want to thank you for making my day,
both in the kitchen and your jokes. Here's a thumbs
up to ya'll. James B.  May the Lord bless each and
every one of you.

I really like your site, recipes, and information.
Keep up the great work and thanks for having it.


I searched everywhere on the Internet for a
good Smoked Brisket Recipe and instructions
on how-to, and your website answered all my
questions and more. Thanks! Great Website!
Jen, in Wichita Falls, Texas 


A wonderful web site and the recipes
are down to earth -----the kind we
all like .Enjoy reading all the recipes
and trying them out is the best part.



Hey there Eddie, I live out here in Carlsbad, N.M.
in the southeastern corner. I recieve about 50-60
e- mails each day. I delete most of them without
even looking at them. Some I look at and then
delete----not yours though. I enjoy it and have
advertised for you. Keep up the good work there.
Again thank you. Jim 

This is my first newsletter from you, I love it,
I have forwarded to a lot of my friends and I am
sure they will love it also. Joanie 

In your June 1st newsletter there was a wonderful
recipe submitted (the person's name escapes me
as I write this) for a Quick Lemon Cheese Pie. My
mother-in-law passed away in 1999 and had never

given me the recipe for this pie that my husband
enjoys so much. Well, Eddie, this is the recipe.
Please pass along my thanks to her. Also, my
mother-in-law had garnished the top of this pie
with buttered graham cracker crumbs just to make
it look pretty. Eddie, the TexasCook has made one
Pennsylvania man very happy.  Dottie R.

I just wanted to tell you what a joy your
newsletter is. Not only do I save and use
your recipes more than any other source
these days, but the other commentary
always seems to lift my spirits. I really
look forward to finding the newsletter in
my inbox. Keep up the good work, and
thank you so much! Elizabeth 
Portland, OR

I have been getting your updates for the last 3
months or so and I do enjoy them. I live up in
Canada in a country town outside of Calgary,
Alberta. We of course do a lot of Barbequing
up here. Stacy

I just received your newsletter for the first time. 
I have to say I'm very delighted.  Everything seems
so down home and comfortable.  I'm looking
eagerly for your next one.  I'm going to try
your Pigs in a blanket for breakfast tomorrow. 
As for the weather here, it's terrible.  I live in
Malone, NY, about 5 miles from the Canadian
border.  I think we've had the rottenest Spring
on record.  We had snow last week, frost this
morning, and the high today was 54.  Don't
you envy me.  Well thank you for the great
newsletter, and can't wait for the next one.


Your newsletter is the highlight of my week!
I enjoy it so much. I love spicy food and you
have some great recipes! Thanks! The jokes
are good too! AND the tips and hints.
Thank you so much. Heather 05/30/2002


 Love this instant recipe thingie!!
 From the great state of Maine!!!
Oh and the new e-book is great!!
Have a Wonderful Day, Judy


With Hubby & I living in Alabama now, it's
so nice to get some "Texas" in my INBOX !!!

Thanks for the refreshing, CLEAN and informative
info..... I have forwarded you to many, from Florida
to California, and to a friend originally from Maine.
I believe they all are now on your "mail" list...
Thanks again, Maggie
(Yes, "I'm" from Louisiana, but it's my hubby from Texas!)

I just wanted to send  a few words of Thanks to you
and your crew. My wife of 17 years is from Korea
and because of your great recipes I have been able
to let her experience some really great  American
cooking. Thanks again and could you please send
me a copy of your world famous instant recipe.

PS We live in Goshen Ohio, about 15 minutes from
the home of the Montgomery Inn. Great sauce. Did
you know the inventor of the famous sauce passed
away a few months ago? He will be missed.
PSS Please let us know when you will be having a
beef jerky contest, I look forward to sending you the
winning jerky. Bok Soon and Dewey

Hi - Just received my first newsletter... I love it!!!
thanks for producing such an interesting, fun, bit of
correspondence.Glad I found you.(Kathleen)

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all. 
Am enjoying your newsletter immensely.

Receiving your e-mail weekly is uplifting. I lived
in Texas (in or near Lubbock) for the first 60 years
of my life. I'm now 70 and have re-located to
Colorado to be near my daughter. I miss Texas.
You and your group really help. Keep up the
good work. Laura

I've only been with you a short time but have
used four recipes, which turned out gggreat...I
also like the way the recipes can be printed.
As for your jokes---eh! Only kidding. They're
good. I'm trying to get into the conversation sites,
but no luck. I'll keep trying. Just keep up the
good work. You're one of the first unknown
(for want of a better word) site that I took a

chance with. So much unacceptable junk is being
sent. Thanks again. George

Hi,  Your site was just forwarded to me by a
very good friend Ruth I've never had so much
fun reading recipes! The recipes are great along
with the jokes and helpful hints. Keep up the great
work and please add me to your list to recieve

your recipes. Thank you, Sharon

I love the music you have!!  It's fun to go through
your site and listen to the music.  I like all

the different selections.Thanks for making my
night!!!  You have so many good recipes, I can
hardly wait to try them! A few I have never heard
of but I bet they are good.  Have you tried every
one of them yourself??
Mary Jo

Thanks for the info.  I enjoy your website, glad
I found it.  hope you keep it up! by the way, I'm
in Virginia, but used some of y'all's recipes for a
texmex graduation party recently ... for a gal who
used to live in Texas, the second largest state.  
(snicker, snicker) Martha

I want to thank you for your advice and recipe for
the shrimp boil spice. I did what you said and
it was wonderful. We had 91 attending. I
cooked 40 lbs. of potatoes, 96 ears of corn and
80 lbs. of Shrimp. The gumbo was also a s
uccess. I made 12 gallons. Thank you again
and I will be in touch. I am just a novice,
but I sure like to cook. Ellie

Absolutely wonderful cookbook download. 
Thank you! K.H.

Not only do I want to thank you for the recipe
for TexMex seasoning, but for explaining about
cuts of meat etc. I grew up in the restaurant
business. My father was a chef and I learned
a great deal from just watching and listening.
I never realized how many women and men
do not know the different cuts of meat, how to
choose meats that will be tender without
slow cooking, etc. Myra

I work at the Chamber of Commerce in Electra and I
believe you know my mother and grandmother who
own Lasting Impressions and have done some of
your mugs.  I just wanted you to know how great
your website is overall and what a fantastic job
you did on the information about Electra.  The
pictures and all the information were wonderful. 
Thank you so much for adding this to your
website. Sincerely, Veronica

(concerning the E-Cookbook)
Haven't gotten to the recipes yet - enjoying
the great music too much!!!!
Thanks, Norma L.

Just received E-Cookbook VI and am just delighted
with it. Wasnot sure I could get it with a WebTv.
Is it possible to get previous editions of the
E-Cookbooks? The recipes all sound great and
I can't wait to get started using them. Thanks again
for a great newsletter. Pat

I think you are doing a great job, and I enjoy
getting your newsletters,as well as the recipes.
Keep up the good work. Maxcine

Aloha from Hawaii, I liked your site before.
That's why I requested your newsletter.  But,
now, it's soooooooooooooo everything. Nice layout,
nice colors, easy to get around. You've got a #1 site. 
Thanks so much for sharing

Sorry about your technical difficulties. Wanted to
drop a short note to let you know that whatever you
get out of taking on the hard work of doing this is
your business but if you ever quit there are probably
a lot of other people like me who'll miss the website.
I get LOTS of trade magazines electronically

(mostly computers and network support) but
TexasCook.com is what I actually look forward to.
David, Possum Walk Farms

I want to let you know just how much I enjoyed the
Welcome to Electra, Texas USA site.  It is time

someone had some positive things to say about
our town. Patti, Electra Public Library

Hello from Ontario, Canada!!
I just took the tour of your beautiful little town and

found it to be very similar to small towns here in
Ontario. I really enjoy the Texascook newsletter
because of the great recipes, but also because in
my minds eye, I can travel to Texas and eat

all that wonderful food with Texans !! Have a great
day!! Sincerely, Kim From Ontario

I congratulate you! The newsletter is fantastic. The
recipes delicious (the ones I've tried) and I really
enjoyed your information and pictures on the town
of Electra.Thank-you very much for sharing this
with all of us. Myrna


I think that there should be warning bells that go
off when one opens GrannyWitch's Dessert Site! 
I gained ten pounds just reading her recipes.
Absolutely wonderful!  Only problem is what to
make first (and to decide if I should share or not)

Hey Eddie, Man, I gotta tell you... I was born in
Texas, raised in Texas, and still live in Texas,
but you have some of the best recipes I've
ever come across. Keep up the good work --

Thank you for making such a nice, neatly published
cookbook of all these wonderful barbecue recipes! 
I love fried turkey and think it should be in any bbq
cookbook.  I am from SC and of course rely on
the SC style bbq but while living in CA ran into
the most fantastic Texas bbq place called
Armadillo Willey's and was spoiled on Texas style
BBQ.  Thanks again for publishing such a wonderful

collection of fantastic recipes.  Vicki  KountryKook

I just surfed your site and was excited about
the Tex-Mex recipes. We in the Northwest
just don't have the know-how and expertise
that you Texans have perfected in preparing
this yummy cuisine and your site makes it look
so easy and fun. Your Cast Iron Cookin makes
me want to go out and build a campfire just to
try it. Keep those recipes coming. Shirley

I have been nothing but pleased with texascook.com
since the first time I found your site!! I look forward
to the newsletter every Sunday...Next best thing
to church...I have linked my yahoo profile to
texascook, and my personal homepage to the
holiday greeting page...I play that holiday greeting
at least twice each evening...As well, I have used
several of the recipes...Fantastic!! You've got a
developing fan club up here in the north country...
"Don't Mess with Texas"  Chris B.

These recipes sound wonderful! I can't wait to
try some of them on the family. It's nice to have
such a great site for some delicious food. I have
forwarded this site to out of state family in hopes
they will try some of our own style of Texas.
Carol B

We love your New Web site look! Wow,
what a Big change! Hope you're getting lots
of positive feedback. We're really excited about
all the New recipes, and page downloads.
Keep up the Good work!
DeeDee S.(MN)

Great website! Easy to navigate and the
recipes were wonderful. Thanks.
(Sue M )

I've been enjoying your newsletter a LOT!
You're doing a great job with it, a lot of the time,
our grocery list starts after reading some of the
recipes that you send! (UncleBubba )

I love the newsletter sent to me and being able
to download the e-cookbooks. The problem is I
came in a little late. Is there a way I can get
UncleBubba's Volume 1 ??? I would really love
to get it if I could. Thanks for all your hard work.
(Kimberly )

Keep up the great work. We really like your
"revised" site. I know it's hard to improve on
perfection, but y'all did. Thank you again,
(Bill E. )

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