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Steaks and more steaks, a Texas favorite. BBQ, barbecue, grilled, charcoaled,
however you want to say it, these are delicious. Indoors or outdoors, does it really
matter ? Just a personal choice and you'll find them both here. A great homemade
steak sauce and our favorite dry rub (can be used with anything). Adjust the recipes
to suit your personal taste and you're sure to be a hit at supper time.

Recipes have been collected over the years from just about every source imaginable,
tried and adjusted by me to my taste. By the way my name is Eddie, currently
living in Electra, Tx. Raised in Texas, taught to cook by my mother and have stolen lots
of recipes and tips from my sisters. Spent a bunch of years in southern California and
finally had to come back home about 30 years ago. I can almost still hear the folks
cheering, that a Texan was "leaving" California. Enjoy the recipes, take all you care to.

All recipes will open in a new window, so you don't lose your place and
will be printer friendly. Take all you care to and Enjoy. Please remember
that any food cooked indoors, can be grilled and vice-versa. Don't be
hesitant to use an indoor recipe and "throw it on the grill"

That could be a great slogan for a t-shirt. I Just need a
quality t-shirt fulfillment company to produce them.

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