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Seed vs. Sod

Starting from seed is the most economical way to grow a lawn, but this
method requires attention to planning,preparing, planting, and watering. If
you have an area where seeding is difficult, such as a slope, or you want a lawn
in a hurry (and are willing to spend more money), sodding is the route to
follow. Some of the warm-season grasses should be started with stems or sod.

Warm-Season Grasses
Recommended warm-season grasses are:

Bermuda grass-Most drought-tolerant.
It's excellent wearability make it a good choice for play areas.

St. Augustine-Good for shade. This is a coarse non-durable grass.

Zoysia--Heat and drought resistant, but late to turn green
in the Spring. Sometimes used in northern lawns for it's toughness.

Texas TNT.....Our biggest seller