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Starting a Lawn (finale)

After these tasks are completed, water the area until, thoroughly watered with a
gentle spray from a garden hose to allow the soil to settle.

Sodding will give you an instant lawn. Unlike seeds, sod will establish itself fast and with
little competition from weeds. Bluegrass sod is the best because it quickly weaves a

close-knit vigorous, and attractive turf.

When you choose sod, look for well-rooted, moist rolls that are uniformly green
and not yellowing. After you get the sod home, install it as soon as possible,
especially during very hot weather; don't let more than 2 or 3 days go by, even
in cool weather. Store the sod in a cool, shaded area and moisten it if it starts
to dry out before being laid.

Prepare the soil as you would for seeding. The soil under the sod should be
moistened before it's laid, and the lawn should be kept watered for several

weeks until the grass is established. Sodding can be done even in the summer,
provided you keep the sod moist. Some grasses, such as zoysia, bermuda, and
St. Augustine, are sold as plugs (small sections of sod) or sprigs (pieces of stem
taken from sod). Plant these in early spring, up to 12 inches apart.
Keep moist before planting.

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