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Remember the time when there was only one kind of grass in your lawn ?
You had to get down on your hands and knees, and pull them ole weeds out
by hand. You pulled and pulled but they always came back. You might water
every once in a while, and you fertilize every year.

Well it's all changed.

Now we have so many different kinds of grasses around it's hard to know

what to put on them. here's some easy things to do to keep your lawn nice
and green, and weed free. No matter what kind of grass you have.


In spring, (February/March) and In Fall (October) Put down a pre-emergent
preferably a good name brand, they might cost a little more but you get what
you pay for. These pre-emergents kill the new weeds.

It's important to do this every Spring and Fall. Application depends on the

type spreader you have, see directions on package.

Don't forget to water it into the Lawn.You won't be able to see the difference right
away, but if you keep using these products it will pay off in thelong run. You won't

have any weeds to speak of in your Lawn.

It takes about two seasons to be able to say, hey, I don't have any weeds this year.

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