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Flower Ideas

Ideas for a great looking, and color filled flower bed.

Few areas in the summer garden can match the color of an annual flowerbed.

Create this summer flower bed with clusters of wonderful colors in full sun.

Annuals are flowers that bloom only one season. Planting an annual flower bed
gives you the chance tocreate a unique design that you can change yearly

summer bloomers are the most brilliant and they last the longest. Scarlet,

Red, or Pink flowers such as Zinnias, Sage and Begonias planted in a design
of your choice, Offer an added bonus attracting butterflies, and hummingbrids.

Here are some plants that look good.

Mealy- Cup Sage

Ht. to 3 ft, (you can by small plants that grow to 1 ft.) Violet or white flower spikes
gray-green perennial in areas with warm winters. Annual all zones.

African Marigolds

Ht. 2 to 3 ft., small plants 18 in. Gold, flower that will bloom all summer and into
fall if planted in full sun and well drained soil. Good cut flower. Annual all zones

Rose Periwinkle

Ht. 1 to2 ft White with pink flower. Glossy green foliage tolerant to heat, and dry
conditions. May bloom year after year. Annual all zones.

Impatiens Scarlet Fever

Ht. 1 ft. Red blooms that float above soft green foliage. Will grow in sun or shade.
Annual all zones.

Bedding Begonia

Ht. 1 ft. Clumps of red, pink white flowers. Round, green bronze or variegated leaves.
Annual all zones.

Scarlet Sage Blaze of Fire

Ht. 1 ft Bright red flowers. oval, serrated leaves, bloomslast for weeks.
Annual all zones


Ht. 2 to 4 ft (small plants 1 ft.) Availiable in all colors except blue.
Many different forms, including ballshaped and open petaled flower heads.
Annual all zones.

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