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If you can’t live without spring bulbs, try refrigerating TulipsNarcissus, Daffodil,
Crocus and Hyacinth bulbs for forcing in late fall and winter. (Do this in October)
Put the bulbs in the salad crisper, hold until January then plant out.

November’s a good time to re-new any mulch that needs replacing to give extra

winter protection. Any organic material will do try dried grass clippings or dried leaves.

Get a head start on insects by mixing insect repelling plants in with your

vegetables and in your flower beds.Nasturtiums, Feverfew, Artemsias, Lavender,
Daisy and Mint all repel insects. Most herbs are free from insect attacks and
garlic is never attacked by them.

Got a problem with slugs? Try putting out a saucer full of beer they can’t

resist it and can’t escape it once drunk.

Rabbits are a problem?, but you don’t mind cats try planting catnip.

This will encourage cats to visitand rabbits will stay away.

Cats digging up your prize flowers? Try scattering orange peel around your beds
they hate the smell.

For a mild case of Rose blackspot, try adding half a cup of baking soda to a

5 gallon hose end sprayer. (Baking Soda...Ain't it great!)

Need ideas for a shady spot? Try Bleeding Hearts, Hostas, Columbines,

Impatiens, Ferns, Caladium or Coleus for a colorful display.

For a pest and disease resistant shrub try Forsythia in full sun or partial shade.
And the pest resistant Licorice Plant will also deter mosquitoes.

No room for a compost heap? Why not mix your kitchen waste such as vegetable peelings

and coffee grounds in your blender with some wateras a quick and easy plant tonic.
(Never use fats or any meat products.)

A couple of tips when planting vegetables; Lettuce seeds need light to

germinate, so pat them into the soil, don’t bury them. To improve germination
for Okra and Pea seeds, soak them in water overnight before planting. Make sure
to plant sweet and hot peppers at opposite ends of the garden to avoid cross pollination.

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