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Planting For the big color

Soil Preparation Prepare a 10 ft long by 5 ft wide flower bed. Dig in an even layer of manure
(and we all no what that is) You can use compost if you had rather.

Plant Mealy cup sage in a slight "S" shape through the bed. Plant 3 or 4 African Marigolds
staggered along back of bed. Place 2 or 3 Scarlet sage at back center and one at left front.
Plant red and white begonias, in the front and middle of bed. Plant yellow zinnias, at the
front of the bed. Put red ones in the middle in with the begonias.
Plant rose periwinkle in the center.Plant Impatiens in the center front edge.

Water flower bed. You can put mulch on it to keep down the weeds. Fertilize every 3 weeks
with liquid low nitrogen fertilizer.

Cut Zinnias and marigolds to make them bloom.

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