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Watching portion size is just as important as the foods you choose
to eat when trying to reduce your blood cholesterol level and maintain
a healthy weight. Eating too much of even a low fat food can add
unwanted saturated fat, cholesterol, and calories to your diet.

Use these examples of everyday items to estimate portion sizes.

Food Groups One Serving Size Equals...

Breads, Cereals, Rice, Pasta, and other Grains Group:
1 slice bread or 1/2 bagel the size of a hockey puck.
1/2 cup cooked rice equals a cupcake wrapper.
1/2 cup pasta equals an ice cream scoop.

Fruit and Vegetable Groups:
One fruit and vegetable serving is equal to one piece
the size of a tennis ball or 1/2 cup.

Meat, Chicken, Fish, Dry Beans and Peas, Eggs, and Nuts Group:
3 ounces lean meat, chicken, or fish measures up to a deck of cards
or a check book.

Dairy Group:
1 ounce cheese equals about the size of 4-6 sugar cubes

Fats, Oils, and Sweets Group Use sparingly:
For a teaspoon of fat, look to the tip of your thumb.


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