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Quality sound and recording sessions at budget prices !!

Outside community picnic & party
Sunday Sep 2 2012, "Labor Day" weekend.

Was wonderful, good food, nice turnout and most of
all good weather for a good afternoon of music and
good fellowship with friends and neighbors.

We thank you for your support and hope to have
another before extreme cold weather.

A big thanks to the musicians who gave their
time to entertain at the MT Community event and an
even greater "THANKS" for all who donated to help
support the event and ensure that we'll be able to
have more. We'll try to keep you informed and up to
date on the events and thanks again to all participants.

Another great advantage for musicians and future stars is our sound studio.
It's small also, but with great facilities and results, so if you need a demo
CD or one to sell, we can get you there at discount prices, using our
musicians (the owners) or yours or record with tracks (yours or ours)
we have several thousand songs available for your use.

We invite all local musicians and you that want to become musicians to call for more info and
let us help get you started and/or continue playing without breaking the bank. We're open
part time mostly between sessions and upon request. Give us a call and we can help.


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