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us Kurt Ploetz
12/05/2007 07:27pm

Love the site, love to cook and eat....

Have a great day sorry

us Richard
11/15/2007 11:24am

cool joyful

Love the barbecue help and recipes.
Thanks for having it. I'll be back as time
permits. Gotta go burn some meat.

hello hello

us Barbara
11/13/2007 09:23pm

bored please

Great recipes. I'll be back

cool grin

us Ralph Em-----
11/13/2007 04:07pm

Caught your show in Electra last fall. Great stuff
I'll drop by to keep in touch with the site.

whistle whistle

Great to have you stop by. Thanks
for the uplift. Had fun at the Electra Show
us Eddie Stoddard
11/13/2007 11:13am

hello We're adding a new guestbook again. Hopefully you can sign in and we can control the spam, ads, porn stuff and keep our family oriented website safe to browse.

Thanks for the visit, come again soon cool

All the gang at http://www.texascook.com

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