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us Ben Bell
04/09/2008 02:39pm

Good web page keep the good work

Thanks Ben from Bowie

us Susan Manser
04/09/2008 08:22am

Hi there!

I have been a faithful reader of your newsletter since 1996 and love it! Even if I don't find a recipe I want to use I love the jokes etc!!

Thanks for all you do!

Susan~! sorry

au Darry
04/05/2008 08:52pm

we love Texas food joyful

03/31/2008 08:44pm


us Hassan
03/22/2008 03:46pm

I love this site! I found it at work one day and I have been visiting ever since! grin I am in Maryland and I have only one friend who cooks his dinner from start to finish on the grill. Everybody else either boils it before putting it on or finishes it off in the oven. Such amateurs! I love the recipes and I am going to get the news letter. Keep up the great work! cool

us Shelley
03/11/2008 03:58pm

All I can say is this site is just awesome joyful . I miss all the wonderful Texas BBQ and now I can do it myself!!! OR at least try. Thanks again for all the wonderful information. thanks

us Howard Worley
02/17/2008 11:46am

I stumbled across you site a couple of days ago and have spent all my spare time going thru it. Love it. I live in Ringling, Ok. and didn't realize we had anything this good so close to home!!!

Glad you found us. We hope you find
something useful. Be sure to sign up
for the newsletter.
ca Florence
01/27/2008 09:11pm

hello Love the recipes,keep them coming

us Angelo Bolton
01/20/2008 03:13pm

Just discovered your site. Love it. Am down here in Tyler,East by god Texas. Will visit your fair city as soon as the weather warms some. Keep the recipes coming. Thanks Angelo

us harlan cheek
12/09/2007 12:49pm

I look forward to Sunday morning to read
the Newsletter from TexasCook.com

Thanks for the great work.

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