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us marion
11/27/2008 10:09am

Keep up the good work. I look forward to the next issue. Thanks

us Sherrie
10/26/2008 01:37pm

Really enjoyed visiting with you. Thanks for the cook book. Will come back soon to see what is in the general store. joyful

us Anita
10/20/2008 06:38am

Cool website, thank you hello

us Kathy
09/13/2008 07:42pm

I know you have problems with yahoo
but I'm looking for different recipes
came across your site and I love it

I will sign up for news letters as soon
as I am able to thanks great work
Kathy from Kalamazoo.

us Eldon
09/09/2008 11:38am

THANKS!! I live in Arizona but have deep roots in Texas and Louisiana, have been looking for a site like this

One happy cook in Az

us Olga
09/06/2008 04:13am

Tonight while surfing for a couple of recipes, I stumbled onto your site. Had to say that I loved it and already added it to my Favorites. Lots of great stuff. I'm a recipe buff and love to collect and try different versions of a loved recipe so, as sure as I live and breath Texas, I'll be back and often. Also joined your newsletter, and can't wait to get it.

Thanks again,
Santa Fe, TX

us Jane
09/03/2008 01:19pm

Howdy! joyful
I am a Proud Native Texan living in NJ! I was on the internet looking for a new recipe and found this site. Thanks!

I gave my son who just moved to LA my recipe book.

Have a good one.
Jane George Stiers hello hello

us Debbie Alexander
07/25/2008 09:48pm

Hello From Oklahoma, I just found this website and think it is awesome cool cool .. I use to Live in Waxahachie Texas and Miss it sad sad ..I am looking forward to trying out alot of these recipes for they all look swell.. I love to COOK.. And will be looking forward to new friends and recipes from here..

um wade beard
04/27/2008 08:06pm

cool joyful

us randy brown
04/13/2008 09:24pm

i love this web site.....i have gotten a lot
of recipes from ya'll and sent a few
back....think the best was the
gallon jar of hot sauce.

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