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gb BJ
07/03/2009 05:33am

Site is brill, just wondered what the chances of putting British measures, its just we don't use cups as a measure. thank you.

Just as a point of reference, equivalents
charts and calculators are available at:


These should solve the problem of
conversion of quantities.
us Tammy Hignite
05/27/2009 08:55pm

Just want to say thank you! Just getting started in the cast iron and loving it!

Tammy Hignite
McCune, KS

us Tina
04/24/2009 05:59pm

Looking good big brother cool

Glad to hear from you. Miss ya
us Marion Parrack
04/19/2009 10:10am

Really enjoy reading the recipes for new ideas. I submitted a recipe called Savory Chicken and it is good.

Marion Parrack

us Mary
04/07/2009 10:51am

I Live in Stevens Point, WI. I lived in Houston Tx for ten years before moving, I miss it very much, It is a comfort to have this website I use it a lot. cool

ca marilyn
01/23/2009 10:38am

Hello from Fort McMurray, Alberta Canada!!!!
Just starting my own catering business up here to keep everyone warm. Thank goodness I stumbled upon this awesome site! These big oil boys here can't wait to get eatin here in 'Little Texas"...............

us elaine
01/18/2009 05:45pm

I enjoy your recipes and the jokes on your ezine. keep up the good work. cool

us Mary
12/13/2008 05:38am

Great recipes...thanks a lot !!!!!!!! girl

us Jennifer
12/01/2008 11:13am

Try my new ice box pie (pineapple)
It's really good

I'll be publishing it in the newsletter
in the near future. Thanks, Ed
au Phil
12/01/2008 02:27am

Great Page, love the newsletter and recipes

Thanks from Down Under joyful

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