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us Deborah
01/01/2011 03:01pm

For some reason I quit getting youf newsletter. Miss the recipes, humor and all the Texas talk. Will differently sign up again. please

us Samantha
12/05/2010 03:59pm

This websight is as important a tool to me as Google is. Thank you very much for the effort you put into it. It is valuable to me and mine. The jokes are precious too!! Happy Holidays

us Faith Saunders
08/10/2010 11:13am

Love your site. I moved from Texas City, TX. 9 Months ago to Imlay City MI . These folks don't know a thing about smoked anything. Those that think they do don't know a thing about flavor. Maybe with a little help from your recipes I can teach them a thing or to. thank you for a wonderful site. Ya'll have a great day

us Lee Tuckness
07/11/2010 05:59pm

I have really enjoyed this website to get good recipes. hello

us Harlan Cheek
04/23/2010 09:57am

Thank for a great place to get the recipes and spices we need and desire. hello

ca Chris
04/17/2010 02:30am


I have really enjoyed your site for several
years now.


us Travis
01/26/2010 01:19am

Bout darn time someone adds "Texas" as an official food genre. Keep up the good cookin and hello from Richardson Tx. Keep those grills hot

us Gene Phillips
08/11/2009 07:29pm

Am from Dallas but move to Fountain Valley,Ca cant find any kind of Texas Cooking here.So am cooking from the Texascook book and all i got to say is thank you

us joe wheeler
07/17/2009 12:22am

Very good website!

Joe yes

Thanks Joe, looking forward to seeing you
again soon.
au Danny Young
07/03/2009 09:38am

I'm from Amarillo and I'm always on the look out for good Texas recipes! Hard to find good fixins here in Australia.

Glad you came by. Come again often.
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