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pl geodezyjne
11/26/2012 06:30am

very helpful site

jp Filippo
11/03/2012 12:48pm

Very nice site!!!! :P Cheers.

us Donna
10/13/2012 12:41pm

Hello, the house......
A West Texas (born and bred) girl saying GREAT JOB.
Website, recipes, words, music....the works.
A real Texas do!
I keep using your ideas and suggestions every week and coming back to read more.
Thanks...to all concerned.....from a Texas refugee in Nevada.....Donna in Reno

ca brian
06/03/2012 04:16pm

love the key lime pie and the peach cobbler. The beer butt chicken is always good

af pazdzioch
06/01/2012 06:12am

Hello there,greetings from uk :)

de Marco
05/27/2012 05:55am

nice greetz,from good old germany

bbq is my religion

marco grin

af Eumiliusz
04/16/2012 06:08am

Hello everyone, nice page, cya! joyful

gb harry
04/03/2012 03:30pm

love your recipes keep up the good work.by the by i live in scotland but the uk will do....... whistle

us Mary
09/23/2011 04:55pm

I am looking forward to trying some of your recipes. My son-in-law has to eat gluten free. My son & I are diabetic so I am looking for sugar free or low sugar recipes.

us Leda Collins
08/05/2011 04:36pm

Howdy EDDIE remember us ? U remember Mark & Leda Collins .. i remember Colleen Dow, Mark wanted her til i arrived in New Orleans,, i was in the NAVY with Colleen. She's sooo talented still i bet .. i found yawl on FB.. its a nice TOOL..Mark is still alive & in Sulphur Springs Texas. We divorced & im remarried. Lookin for Dan & Rhoda Schulte i think i found em they drove the VW Van/TRuck thing back in the 70s. Your Wife's Beautiful !! wish i was LoL .. Ciao for now & see yawl on FB?

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