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Quick guacamole, some blackeyed peas, meatballs, stir fry, my favorite,
creamy cheesy potatoes, some great pasta sauce, spaghetti pie and even
some food for thought. All donated by MiMi. She also has a kitchenhelper
page and MiMi's HTML Tutorials, so you can see she has her hands full.

Country cooking with a little spicy touch, that's MiMi's way. I've talked
her into toning down the spice a little, so you might need to kick it back
up if you like it warm. MiMi (Marilyn) lives in Electra, Tx, married to
SkeMar (Eddie). 6 children, all are wonders as I'm sure your's are, too.
She's been doing that good country cookin' a long time and it just gets
better every day. It's hard to get her to share some of her recipes, so I
feel very priviledged to have these to offer you. Enjoy the food

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