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To toast coconut for cakes, put in pie pan and place in
moderate oven. Stir often from edges to brown evenly.

Flour should be sifted once before measuring. Fill the
cup without packing.

For a prettier, smoother cake, put one coat of icing on
and let it set up before applying final coat.

Do not grease the sides of cake pans, only the bottom.

When beating egg whites do not tap beater on bowl of
egg whites. The jarring of beater will cause the whites
to lose a great deal of their fluffiness. The beater
should be tapped on the hand to clear off the whites.

Rub the bottom of the soup cup with a sliced whole
garlic to accent the flavor of almost any soup.

Eggs should be at least 3 days old before using in cakes.
(Like we have to worry about that these days)

When making cake icing or candy consisting is milk or
cream and sugar add one tsp of ordinary table syrup for
each cup of sugar used. Boil in the usual way. Your
finished product will be much smoother and not so apt
to become sugary.

To Soften an Avocado overnight, wash, dry well. Place
in flour cannister, being sure avocado is completely
covered, let stand overnight.

Store spices in alphabetical order to save time.

Cut up fresh garlic cloves, place in a jar with salad oil
Cover. During summer keep tightly covered in jar in
refrigerator. Great to add to meat marinades and
salad dressings.

Use bacon fat as about 1/4 of the shortening called
for when making peanut butter cookies. "Delicious"

A piece of nylon net at the kitchen sink is great for
scrubbing vegetables.

Add a small amount of vinegar to water when washing
vegetables to freshen them.

Fresh tomatoes will keep longer if placed with stems

Soak potatoes in salted water for 20 minutes before
baking in order to bake more rapidly. (does everyone
use the microwave now?)

Chewing gum while peeling onions helps prevent tears.

Limp celery may be crisped by placing in a pan of cold
water, adding a slice of potato and refrigerating for
several hours.

Bananas may be kept for several days in refrigerator
if individually wrapped in waxed paper.

Slice bananas with silver knife to prevent turning dark.

Add 2 tsp cooking oil to boiling water before adding
rice, noodles, macaroni and spaghetti to make foods
glisten and separate easily.

Place granulated sugar in blender, process until sugar
is powdered, 1/2 cup granulated makes almost 1 cup
powdered sugar.

Add 1/4 cup jam or jelly in prepared whip topping for
a delicious treat.

Place hand in sandwich bag, dip bag in shortening to
grease baking dishes. Store bag in shortening can to
use again.

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