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Maybe This Page Will Answer Some of the Questions
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Be very specific in you questions or they will not
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Have you ever wondered how to get an image off someone else's page?
Or how to save someone's page? Well here is a brief how-to to get you started.


What should I use to write my page?

There are a lot of HTML editors out there.
WordPerfect and Word both have HTML capabilities. Frontpage
express has been around a while. There are many free editors
to download on the net. As for choosing one, don't
necessarily look for the one with the most gadgets. Look for the
one that suits you best. Some have every possible command
available from menus. Others allow you to make the command list.
Personally, I use Microsoft FrontPage and it does a good job.

How do I get the files I create to the web?

The best way to start I think is on a free page place, there are are a zillion
of them around. If you are on computer, you can start anywhere,  Many more,
but for WebTv users, I personally recommend Angelfire, they are easier to use.


How do I "view source?"

To view the source of a page, go to the View pull-down menu onthe menu bar.
Choose Source... from that pull-down. Your browser will then show you
the HTML code used to create the page. Another way is to right click the page,
click on view source. Wanna try....

Right click on this page and view source.

How do I use a picture from someone else's page?

There are two ways to "borrow" a picture from someone else's page.
You can link directly to their image (not recommended), or you
can copy their picture for your own use.

NOTE: Please be respectful and courteous when borrowing images. By convention,
an artist's work is copyrighted as soon as it's finished. So, you would be breaking
copyright laws by just "stealing" someone's images. Most pages will have a way to
send mail to the page's author. Most people will be glad to let you use their work,
but you should always ask first!

To link to someone else's image, view the source and find the IMG SRC=" "
statement for that image. The address for the image is the path to the page
you're currently on plus the stuff between the quotes.
The Easiest way to borrow (steal) an image is just put your pointer on the image
right click, then save picture as...this will also give you an option on where to save
You should now have a copy of the image saved on your hard drive.

It's not recommended that you link to someone else's image for 3 reasons.
First, it slows things down quite a bit to have to go hunting across the net
for an image as opposed to just getting it off the server.
Second, if the person moves or deletes the image, you're stuck.
Thirdly, in a lot of cases it's illegal and can cause you misery.

How do I use a background from someone else's page?

Using someone else's background is essentially the same as borrowing a
picture from someone else's page. The only difference is that
instead of looking for the IMG SRC=" " reference to the image,
you're looking for the BACKGROUND=" " tag in the body
declaration (the <BODY ... > tag).

You can borrow the background as you did
the image. Right click the page, save background as...

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