General Store

Our general store has been known by other names
in the past, but has always contained only the
highest quality products. S&H is included in our
prices so there will be no "hidden" fees or charges.

Texas Tastes CD - Our most popular item in the
store and it's loaded with over 600 recipes, tips
and a dozen "real" readable classic books, like
"Little Women", "Tom Sawyer" and 10 more.

Spices - My formula, packaged by a 3rd party
but always my recipe with my labels.

Texas Red Chili - All the necessary ingredients to
make up a BIG pot of chili. You just add the wet
ingredients (meat, tomatoes, water) and whatever
"hot" spice you desire or leave it. It's won cooking
contests straight out of the package.

TexasCook Beef Jerky - My special recipe made up
in a local facility, by me or under my direct supervision
with my formula, strict meat qualifications for superb
flavor (possibly the best in the universe), packaging
and tenderness as well. We believe you should be able
to eat even jerky without hurting yourself.

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