Preparing Coals

Use charcoal briquets or wood coals for cooking
Stick to hard woods such oak, mesquite, hickory, maple or walnut.
Start coals 30 minutes before cooking time in a separate
place from where you'll be cooking. Continually add briquets
or wood to create replacement coals.

Place hot coals on a surface so heat will be reflected
up instead of being lost to the ground, a garbage can lid (metal) or
several layers of heavy duty aluminum foil will do nicely.

Arrange the coals under or around the bottom and on top of the flanged lid.
There may be up to twice and many coals on top as on the bottom since
heat rises. For foods cooked directly in the oven, the bottom coals are placed

around the oven to create heat without burning the food.Food cooked
in a pan inside (such as pie in a pie pan)coals are placed under the dutch oven.

Experimentation is the key.

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