Cajun Fried Turkey

First make sure you have at least a 22 qt pot
with a lid, high temp thermometer and a fire source.
All kinds of things are on the market for this,
but if you have a propane campstove it will
do just fine. This process must occur outdoors
because of the potential boilovers.
Put your 12-15 lb. turkey in pot measuring water
enough to cover bird by about 1 inch. Remember how
much water you put in. This will be the amount of oil
you will put in pot to eliminate some of the dangers
of boilover.

Soak turkey over night covered in salt water
When ready fill pot with measured amount of cooking oil
Pre-heat to 375 deg. Tie a clean piece of heavy wire
through cavity of turkey, liberally rub with creole seasoning
"Carefully" lower into hot oil, this will boil like crazy
so please be extremely careful and move slowly.

Let fry for about 3 minutes per lb. (45-50 minutes)
Once turkey floats, it is done. Remove and drain.
Serve when cool enough to slice.
Excellent with everything!!!

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