about sauces and marinades

A Word about Sauces

Sauces--rich and thick, savory or sweet, add delicious flavors to almost
any grilled fare. Use a premium sauce of your choice and capture real homemade
taste. Serve warmed sauce on the side for added zest. Here's how to protect
the rich, deep color and spicy flavor of barbecue sauce, especially tomato and
molasses based ones that can burn if applied too early.
For grilled steaks and chops:
Baste with sauce after meat has been
turned for the last time. About the last
3 minutes of grilling.
For grilled chicken:
Baste with sauce the last 10
minutes of grilling. Turn once.
For hot dogs and sausage:
Baste with sauce the last
5 or 6 minutes. turning often
For barbecued meats:
(cooked by indirect heat) baste
the last hour of cooking.
Basting sauces made from seasoned oils and butters
may be brushed on throughout the grilling adventure

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