Buffalo Chicken Wings
The TexasCook Version

Buffalo wings were first served in a bar in Buffalo,
New York believe it or not. And gained nation wide
popularity with sports fans almost over night. The
chicken is served with celery sticks, which are
dipped in blue cheese dressing, to counter the hot
spiciness of the Louisiana Hot Sauce hot sauce.

4 pounds chicken wings
Lowrys Garlic Salt
1 cup Louisiana Hot Sauce"
I use strictly "Franks" hot sauce

Discard the wing tips and cut the chicken wings into
2 pieces at the joint. Sprinkle with garlic salt to taste.
Fire up your grill or oven. Cook the wingettes turning
often until almost done. Thoroughly coat the wings
with hot sauce and cook until the sauce is dried.
Recoat the wings turning once quickly and remove.

These are truly "Hot" wings and can be served as
snacks or as a meal with sidedishes of choice.

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