texas smoked turkey

Texas Smoked Turkey

This process is one that needs to be started the night before you plan on
eating the bird. Soak for at least 30 minutes some mesquite or hickory
wood chips. Start approx 1 lb. of coals per 1 lb. of meat, adding coals
as necessary to keep heat at around 200 degrees. Add soaked wood
chips occasionally to smoke, but not to overpower the meat.

"This Process will almost always take 2 consecutive charcoal startings"

We smoke our turkeys about the same way as briskets, but we don't
wrap in foil. Cook at least 12 hours, you may go more if you want,
but be warned, too long equals dry meat. Some folks like to smoke
the turkey on the bottom rack while cooking a ham or pork roast
on top to let the juices drip on the turkey. Use your waterpan

The cajun way is also to add spices, (wine,bellpepper, mint, garlic,
parsley, worcestershire, liquid smoke) and whatever else sounds
good to the water. Did I mention to be sure and use your waterpan?

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