smoking brisket texas style

Smoking Brisket
"Always Cook Brisket Fat Side Up"
This information is great for Large Briskets or Small
Large being greater than 12#, It works on all sizes.
For greater savings, smoke 2 at a time if you have 2
racks and freeze 1 (leave in foil, just off grill) for later.

Smoking brisket is always a matter of personal choice and since it's difficult to
go wrong, it's just a matter of what you want to taste and see I always buy the
untrimmed brisket with fat on one side.  A very good choice now is spicy

italian dressing, just rub it all over so it will cook through the fat. Salt and
cayenne sprinkled generously over the fat side only is also tasty.
These spices may be added just before wrapping in foil or from the start.
If you use No Spice at all on the meat, it'll still be great.

Plan to start the cooking the evening before you want to eat it. In your smoker
start about 10 lbs of charcoal, soak mesquite or hickory chip in
water at least 30 minutes. (any wood that loses it's leaves in the winter can

be used for smoking, pecan, mesquite or fruit woods are  good choices.
It will take 2 fires (consecutive).  Be sure to check your waterpan level.
Line outer edge of charcoal with wood chips to start then add as necessary.
Throw some in the middle too, if you feel the urge. It's hard to go wrong.
This entire process will require 20 lbs of charcoal and some twigs or woodchips.

Add some soaked chips to coals, put on meat. Let smoke for about 4-6 hours
adding chips as necessary. Then double wrap the meat in heavy-duty aluminum
foil, build totally new fire (no chips). Let meat cook undisturbed for another approx 8

hours or until you're almost ready to serve it. Remove it from smoker and let
stand for at least 15 minutes before slicing. Slice diagonally across
the grain and trim off fat. (Serves a lot)

Note: You can throw this in an ice chest immediately after coming off
the grill and it will stay "Hot" for several hours. Careful when unwrapping !!

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