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Even before we start and I start getting all the nasty emails telling me how stupid I am
Let me explain that I believe barbecue can be anything.....from Ham to Hotdogs, backbone
to brisket. If you believe otherwise, I respect your opinion, but this is mine.

Whether you call it barbecue or grilling, If it's Spring time that means
it's time to get the grill out of the pod storage and time to start grilling.

We've been cooking barbecue, smoking meat and poultry for a long, long time and not just
putting on some sauce, even though that's good too and these pages will put out a little
information pertinent, but not required to make good barbecue. Including some sauces, tips
and our way of cooking. We encourage you to develop your own style and procedures.

If you are a fan of the smoked turkey legs, brisket and other meats you can get at
renaissance fairs you might like some of the recipes below as Texas BBQ can be very
similar. While you won't get to feel like you have been transported back to the medieval ages
you can still enjoy yourself by smoking up these recipes and playing some medieval games.

Experimentation is the key to discovery. It's difficult to make bad bar-b-q, but it's possible.
Just think of it as a mere 10 lbs of charcoal and a little wood. That's all that can really be
wasted and it's easy to remember the mistakes next time around. Now let's get down to it.
If you're worried about wasting charcoal keep a few extra bags in your garage or pod storage for backup.

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