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An Enduring Finish

Consider the following points next time you
take stock of your cherished heirlooms.

  • Vacuum and dust often. Dust is an ever-present menace to housecleaning; given the opportunity, it can dull and scratch wood surfaces. For furniture with elaborate carvings, use a synthetic duster because it creates a static charge that draws out the dust.

  • Heed the elements. Heat, excessively high and low humidity,
    and sunlight can all take their toll on fine furniture. In response
    to such forces, no finish or polish can withstand prolonged sun
    exposure or temperature extremes. Attics and basements may
    be convenient locations for storing furniture, but they can also
    trap damaging heat and moisture. For best results, keep your
    furniture where the temperature and humidity stay relatively
    moderate and constant (70 degrees F, at 40% to 55% humidity).

  • Finishes don't need tans. To prevent sunlight from damaging
    your furniture, avoid placing valuable pieces near windows where
    direct light penetrates. Also, don't rely on tablecloths for protection.
    Such coverings can enable the sun to unevenly fad or bleach wood surfaces.

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