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Steaming for Low Fat Cooking

STEAMING is usually considered cooking food on a rack using the steam from
boiling liquid in a covered pan. However, food can also be steamed in the oven
without any liquid in a parchment paper package or in a package made from
heavy-duty aluminum foil. No added fat is needed for steaming, and the food
retains its flavor, shape, and texture. Steaming limits the loss of water-soluble
vitamins. When using the "rack" method, use the following suggestions:

  • Place food on steamer rack about 1 inch above the boiling liquid.
  • Do not let the steaming liquid boil away.
  • Herbs and spices can be added to the steaming liquid for extra flavor.
  • Bring the steaming liquid to a boil before adding the food.
  • Place the food in a single layer on steamer rack or in steamer basket.
  • To prevent steam burns, be sure to open the lid away from you.

Note: To steam food in a microwave oven, use a small amount of liquid in a
micro-wavable container covered with heavy-duty plastic wrap and vented.

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