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Electra ISD
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The year 1891 seems to mark the opening of the first school in Electra
for in that year a one-room frame building, painted white, was erected
on the corner of S. Main and Wharton. No real board minutes were kept
until 1920 so the early history is fragmentary. The small building was
also used by the people for public gatherings.

Our High School
High School

The school was small and not well organized. In 1907 the little frame
building was moved to the school block on Waggoner street. On May
11, 1907 a special election was held declaring 25 miles an independent
school district, but the election was declared null and void, Feb. 1909.

The Track
Track and Field

The Texas Legislature passed a special act and Gov. Colquitt signed
the creation of the Electra Independent School District on Feb 11, 1911.

It was in that year that bonds were voted for the two-story red brick
building, after the expanded frame building and bungalows were
removed. That year also marked the rapid population swell after the
Clayco No 1 oil well came in.

Home of Tiger Football
Obviously....this is our football field

A.B. Carter became the first superintendent. 7 rooms were added
7 teachers employed and 640 students attended. In 1913 5 more
rooms were added, 12 teachers employed and 850 students enrolled.

B.M. Dinsmore is rightly called the "Father of the Electra Schools".
Waggoner High School was built at a cost of $41,000 in 1917-1918
on land donated for a school in 1917 and used for commencment in
1918. Later it was used for the Jr. High, then ward school, and finally
reverted to the Waggoner Estate in 1954, which allowed the Catholic
Church to be built on it.

Track -- Another View
Thanks to our Athletes and Supporters

In 1917 the enrollment was 1109, in 1925 it was 2576 and in the late
1940's about 1300. Athletics was Dinsmore's specialty and he served
as coach and superintendent for 2 years and as assistant coach for
several more. His football teams beat Wichita Falls 6 straight years
and his track team in 1923 won 1st in state. In 1924 his track team
placed 2nd in state, Wichita Falls placed 1st.

Electra Schools set a very high standard in every way and we continue
to be proud of the young adults who attend the Electra ISD.

Home of Great Education
From the very front.......Our Current High School

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