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Electra Recreation

Havin a party, dance or get together ? Ridin' the Border is available to help.

In addition to the local activities, annual goat barbecue and brisket cookoff,
rodeo, local sports, we're only 25 miles from Wichita Falls, pop 100,000
where we can go to the modern movies, restaurants and various other
entertainment. Personally, being a homebody, I'd rather head off down
to the local pool or play a round of challenging golf.

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Don't let the country look fool you.....this course can add 10
strokes to your score if you're not careful.

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Join the crowd and try your hand

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Wide open spaces?? Lot's of danger here. You'll find
out why they call it Crooked Creek.

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Of course there some leisure holes too. Gotta rest sometime

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After golf join us at the local Public Pool

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The local kids seem to enjoy it

Thanks for taking a look at our Hometown.
Come by again sometime and don't forget to grab a
free recipe and newsletter while you're here.

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