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Industry in Electra

As you might guess, we're probably not the the Industrial Hub of
North Texas, but we certainly hold our own. Take a look at some
of the major ways folks around here make a living.

Working Pumpjack

No 1 certainly must be the oil patch. Most of Texas and Oklahoma is
involved in the Oil Industry to one degree or another. This is a working
pump on the edge of town. Currently you can see these little puppies
going up and down all over the place as fast as they can pump.

Gee, it's been a long time since the last "Mini-Boom"

Tommy's Toy

And all of a sudden it's worth repairing these old drilling rigs that were
sent to the graveyard in the 80's. This rig was purchased recently to
repair, rebuild and put back to work. May you hit shallow !!

A Local Feedmill

Of course we have our Agriculture, these little feedmills can be seen
in almost every town in Texas, in fact, just about every state.
Raising a variety of grain, wheat being our main crop, but with
cotton, milo, maize and peanuts also contributing to local budgets.

Aw Bull !!

I'd certainly be remiss if I failed to mention the cattle industry. That's
why we have so many beef recipes on the site. This guy above didn't
like it in the pasture so he just crossed the fence and came up to my
truck, little knowing I was gonna put his face on the WorldWideWeb.

We have a large construction company (Electra Construction)
High Pressure Vessel Manufacturer (Natco) shipping worldwide
and many more local businesses contributing to the local economy.

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