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The Grand Theater

Grand Revived
"Recent Facelift - Lights, doors, mirrors and all"

The Grand was built in 1919 at a cost of $135,000 by a group of Electra
citizens. It seated 1,000 and had 8 dressing rooms. It was first used by
traveling troupes of players. After a Chicago theater fire, a law was
passed that caused the Grand to have a 3,000 pound curtain installed.

Silent films with piano accompaniment were shown in the early days.
Then came the talking pictures and special shows. Mrs. Martha McSpadden
managed the Grand for many years, taking over the stock in 1946. The
theater closed in March, 1974, but has re-opened in recent years.
The Theater is currently closed

Before Renovation
"Before renovation" Electra Main Street has done a
wonderful job on the re-beautification of Electra, Texas.

Job Well Done
What a difference !! Large popcorn/double butter please.

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